Safety has an important role in all aspects of life, whether at work or in leisure activities.

Our focus is on design of protective clothing. Safety devices are able to prevent many instances of tragedies that permanently affect individuals, and their families and of course,- mitigating costs through prevention lowers the burden on society tremendously.


Sports applications.

The dynamic sports gear sector, enables constantly faster operation speeds and better product performance. This leads to higher injury risks. Despite current therapy methods,- irreversible injuries, caused by sport activities such as e.g spinal cord injuries can not not be cured completely. We are investigating in electronic monitoring systems (PSA+) to gather more information about injuries, and reinterpretate the results into products.


Industrial & working applications.

Injury prevention of working accidents and the reduction of average sick leave times are the key to a healthy society. Our strategies for health protection comply with international standards. Therefore offer development of industrial safety and preventive devices cooperating with acknowledged scientific partners. 

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Product development & design.

Edera safety develops bottom up technologies in personal safety gear with integrated sensor systems (PSA+) in sports and working environments. Our protective gear´s focus is in the interdisciplinary approach of industrial design, biomechanics, sensors and data management.


About us.

Our team consists out of industrial designers, medical engineers, biomechanists, sports scientists, trauma surgeons. We gather interdisciplinary “know how”,- in order to develop new ideas in personal safety equipment.

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