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World of Safety.


Safety has an important role in all aspects of life,
whether in leisure activities or at work.


Edera Safety has committed itself to increase the Impact of Personal
Protective Equipment (PPE+) in the areas of Transportation,
Sports and Industrial Safety.


Rider: Dominik Doppelhofer
Photographer: Josy Jelić

Sport &
Leisure Safety.

Focused in the field of Spinal Safety, EDERA SAFETY has launched it´s in house brand adamsfour. Primarily, adamsfour. is focused on the reduction of spinal injuries through rotational factors (Type C). The registered trademark provides our core technology for established brands to integrate our technologies as licenced „brand in brand“ technolgie into their products.

For further information, please visit the homepage of adamsfour.

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Injury prevention of working accidents and the reduction of average sick leave times are the key to a healthy society. Our strategies for health protection comply with international standards. Therefore, we offer the development of industrial safety and prevention devices cooperating with acknowledged scientific partners.


Photo credit:
Luis Meixner

Transportation & Mobility.

Autonomous driving and new seating constellations are forcing car manufacturers to develop new safety concepts. Future safety systems - whether active of passive - will be designed to protect passengers and fellow road users.