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We are an interdisciplinary team with different focus and experiences. Successful product development are the source of unique team player and collaborations. 

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General Manager

Thomas Adam Saier, Mag. (FH) 

PHONE: +43 660 4067777

Thomas is initiator and founder of Edera Safety and „adamsfour.“ For more than 8 years, researches in new protective equipment and design concepts agains sports injuries. He studied design & productmanagement at the university of applied sciences in Kuchl (AUSTRIA). Currently he is teaching biomechanics and industrial design at the university of applied sciences Carinthia.


Biometrical Engineering

Dietmar Rafolt, PhD

PHONE: +43 664 5019915

Dietmar is founder of Edera Safety and professor for biomedical engineering at the medical university of Vienna. His research focus is on sensors and electronics in medical devices and smart clothing. He developed Space Suits for „Austromir“ and is currently involved into RnD projects with the scope of deep learning. 


Strategic Development

Eduard Falk, Dr. DI


As strategic developer Eduard Falk made his career up to executive level of a global acting foundation contractor company. Eduard Falk coordinates the strategic direction of Edera Safety and implements Edera´s economic approach. 


Product design, Colour & Trim

René Stiegler, MA 

PHONE: +43 664 3631335

René has a technical background in Mechatronics and studied Industrial Design in Graz. In 2016 he finished his Master and started working in several creative fields including designing sport goods for EDERA SAFETY. In his spare time he enjoys downhill mountain biking in the austrian alps. 


Press & Public Relations

Robert Klug, MSc. 

PHONE: +43 664 4253936

Robert studied sports science at the university of Graz. He is working as a therapist at a rehabilation center close to Graz. Robert is responsive for adamsfour. media content. He is an ambitious surfer, skateboarder and snowboarder.