Our expectations:

> A degree in Industrial Design or related degrees.
> Strong creative skills - from vision to final product.
> Abillity to visualize in 2D/3D (analog and digital sketching, Adobe Creative Suite, Fusion 360).
> Robust skill set for delivering innovative solutions.
> Good material knowledge and experience with production processes and sourcing.
> Team-minded and versatile.
> Intermediate level of fluency in German, high level of fluency in English.

Your tasks:

> Ideation, conceptualization and prototyping of new concepts for products in the sports & safety sectors.
> Product visualization and graphical work.
> Creating functional prototypes.
> Internal and external product presentations.
> Working with Autodesk Generative Design.


Our expectations:

> A degree in Design Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics or related degrees.
> Abillity to visualize technical concepts.
> Profound knowledge in CAD/CAM (Fusion 360).
> Strong skills in injection molding/demoldability and additive manufacturing.
> Experience with certification standards and participation in certification projects.
> Intermediate level of fluency in German, high level of fluency in English.

Your tasks:

> Design and construction of test bed systems (metal, composite materials and electronics).
> Rapid prototyping with various tools and materials.
> Conduction and witnessing of tests for certification.
> Composition and administration of certification documents.


Edera Safety is committed to increase the impact of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE+) in the areas of
transportation, sports, industrial and work safety.
We offer several Design Services in the fields of industrial design and product testing.

Our growing business is located in the south of Graz (Austria).
We are looking for motivated interdisciplinary team members with a passion for design,
sports and product engineering.

You will be involved in the complete process of product development. This will include technical softgoods,
concept creation, prototyping, test bed design, simulation and data generation.
You will be working with internationally top brands and leading suppliers and research experts.

Please send applications to:

Canditates who are considered suitable against the above criteria will be contacted within one week of application.
adamsfour. is a registered brand from Edera Safety GmbH & Co KG. Philipsstraße 41, 8403 Lebring/Graz, Austria