Our areas of competence cover the whole design process in the field of product development and system evaluation.


Interdisciplinary approach.

Our corporate philosophy is based on interdisciplinary connected teams. The diversity of competence profiles enable problem oriented solutions. 

Medical & Biomechanic research-01-2.jpg

Medical & Biomechanic research.

Biomechanics is about the fundamental understanding of body structures and their mechanical constraints. Based on understandings in anatomics, mechanics, biomechanics integrates elements of mathematics, physics and bio chemistry.


Bionics & augmented design-01-6.jpg

Bionics & augmented design.

Bionics is a fundamental approach to sustainable industrial design, regarding rules of nature. The decoding of growth algorithms in nature, enables us to grow structures like plants, etc. Bionics is a 40 year old discipline with a broad variety of industrial applications.

Sensorics & deep learning (AI).-10.jpg

Sensorics & deep learning (AI).

Hardware- software loops enable us so called „deep learning“ systems. Deep learning allows products with an electronical „nervous system“ to learn from itself. In other words,- the system starts to redesign itself. Based on this revolutionary idea, we are currently developing a deep learning system in spinal protectors.

Prototype to series construction-11.jpg

Prototype to series construction.

Our team has competences in prototype modelling from technology readiness level (TRL) 2 to 9. Our skills range from ideation, design concepts, prototyping and implementation.

Test bed and facilities-9.jpg

Test bed and facilities.

Scientific evaluation of protective systems plays an important role in protective safety equipment. We are developing new test methods and facilities in order to simulate realistic impact scenarios. Our founders are member of Austrian Standards comitee 052 (protecitve gear) an member of the european DIN comitee.


Our development partners.